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The College of Natural Health is an accredited Natural Health and Healing College, among Holistic Nutrition Schools, providing a variety of spiritual and natural health degrees, including our popular post-secondary holistic nutrition degree which is based on the Acid Alkaline Diet.

Natural Health Education

As a distance learning nutrition college, we offer a convenient alternative to a campus-based education.

Our accredited online natural health and holistic nutrition course programs provide an Alkaline Diet Plan, teaching a natural healing alternative, versus the use of drugs, through a series of holistic courses.

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Natural Health & Holistic Nutrition Degrees

At our Natural Health College, our vegan, raw food and vegetarian courses are all based on the "Acid Alkaline Balance" nutrition philosophy. We believe that eating acid alkaline foods supports a proper pH balance called the Acid Alkaline Balance in the human body.

10 Diet Levels (Level 1 to Level 10)

The AAA Diet® (Acid Alkaline Association) contains 10 Diet Levels. Students learn that the higher you go up the Levels, the healthier and more dynamic your Cellular Energy, Body and Healing capabilities become.

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