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Non-Secular Program Tuition

Cost of our Non-Secular Degree Programs


Pastoral Counseling Degree Programs Tuition Interest Free Payments
    48 mos.
Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Health & Healing $6,495 $118.75
Master of Arts in Pastoral Health & Healing $6,695 $122.92
Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Health & Healing $6,895 $127.08
Pastoral Counseling Degree Combination Programs Tuition Interest Free Payments
    60 mos. 72 mos.
B.A./M.A. in Pastoral Health & Healing $8,395 $126.67  
M.A./Ph.D. in Pastoral Health & Healing $8,895 $135.00  
B.A./M.A./Ph.D. in Pastoral Health & Healing $10,585   $135.97

AN INITIAL DEPOSIT OF $795.00 (plus $95 for shipping) WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL DEGREE PROGRAMS. A 20% Prepayment Discount will Apply to Bank Checks and Credit Cards.


Minister & Certification Programs Tuition Monthly Plan
    60 months
Ordained Minister N/C  
Ordained Licensed Minister $799  
Certified Christologist™/Certified Ecclesiologist™ $8,565 $129.50


Tuition & Fees

The amount shown for each College of Natural Health degree program (B.S., M.S., PhD) is the total cost for tuition, a complete set of books, examinations, teacher guidance, test evaluations, grade reports, and an embossed diploma. Shipping & Handling costs are itemized separately. The student will also be responsible for incidentals, for example, the cost of postage when mailing Progress Tests and Final Examinations to the school to be graded.

In the event that students already own the required textbooks for any given course, the college cost of such materials will be deducted from the cost of the Program. Students will be allowed to make use of their own materials, rather than purchase them from the college.

The college does NOT charge extra fees for such activities as grading and returning examinations, reading and evaluating dissertations, etc.

Monthly Tuition Payment Plans

Monthly plans will be available for payments on a per individual basis.

For students living within the continental United States, Programs are usually shipped by the United States Postal Service, Ground Rate. There is a Shipping & Handling charge of $95.00 per degree Program. Overnight shipment is available within the U.S. per degree Program. For students living outside the U.S., additional Shipping & Handling charges will apply.

While some of our most popular courses are available for immediate shipment, others are not. Since Programs are tailored to each student’s needs, a certain amount of individualized work must be done in preparation for shipping. Please note that if any books or materials are on back order, they will be shipped at our expense. Students will be notified as to when they can expect to receive their courses.

Enrollment & Contract Fees (Including Initial Refunds)

Once the enrollment has been submitted and processed, a financial agreement will be e-mailed to the student listing the details of the student's enrollment. The contract must be signed and returned within five (5) business days, otherwise the student may be assessed a $150.00 dollar contract fee in addition to the $150.00 dollar enrollment fee, and the enrollment process will be canceled. The remaining balance of the initial deposit will be refunded.

Withdrawal & Refund Policies

There will be no tuition refunded after (3) working days from the date a student receives his or her Program(s), as validated by the United States Postal Service records sent to the College. There will be a $150 non-refundable processing fee for enrollment and a $150 restocking fee on all orders returned.

Unexpected life circumstances may force a student to withdraw from our Programs. If this should happen, the student may be entitled to a refund, depending on how long the enrollment has been ongoing, how promptly all books and materials have been returned, and the condition of all books and materials returned. If the student withdraws within 30 days of enrollment, and returns all books and materials in excellent condition within two weeks of the withdrawal date, a complete refund, less the Shipping & Handling costs (including a $150 restocking fee), may be made. For all other withdrawal situations, The College's Withdrawal Schedule is the greater of the "either/or" situations as follows:

31 to 60 days ............... Either $250 minimum or 75% of tuition paid
61 to 90 days ............... Either $175 minimum or 50% of tuition paid
91 to 120 days ............. Either $100 minimum or 25% of tuition paid
More than 120 days ..... No Refund.

Life after Graduation

The College of Natural Health is not required to help the student once he or she is practicing in the field; but we will be eager to guide all students through our available, chartered franchises, created especially for students interested in setting up practices as Natural Health teachers and counselors. Assistance will be available for the newly graduated, serious-minded, Natural Health practitioner.

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