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Master of Arts in Pastoral Health & Healing

Program Course Descriptions

MSHHN – 101 The Nature of Spirituality Defined

This course will help you as a Christian servant of God to learn the characteristics of spirituality according to the Christian Holy Scriptures, and how to become filled with "spiritual discernment." (5.5 credits)

MSHHN – 102 "Spiritualizing" Through a Good Physical Conscience

This course will help you to understand how to cleanse yourself from every form of defilement that contaminates flesh or spirit. The principles of the Bible require that a Christian must keep physically and spiritually clean before God. (5.5 credits)

MSHHN – 103 Blood: The Waters of Life

This course will help you to learn God's Scriptural viewpoint in relation to blood. The Lord God says that "The life of all flesh is in the blood." It will, in addition, teach you the importance of blood as well as its proper use. (5.5 credits)

MSHHN – 104 Growing Superior Foods For Superior Nutrition

This course will teach you why growing organic foods contain the full complement of vitamins and minerals for superior nutrition versus growing foods which contain only  four or five commercial mineral fertilizers that are inferior and lack the full complement of vitamins and minerals which would deprive the body of superior health. This course will also teach the student why organically grown foods that are pesticide free will lead to superior health versus commercially grown foods that contain pesticides will only deprive the body of superior health while being a potential source and cause of human disease.  (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 105 Advanced Behavioral Kinesiology & The Spiritual Levels

This course will teach a truth technique that will assist an individual to use the full potential of one's mind and heart to explore how thoughts, whether motivated by the fruitages of the spirit or flesh, can affect our emotions that could have a positive or negative influence on our life and the life or others. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 106 Composition & Facts About The Powerful Healing Effects of Foods & Nutrients

This course teaches the various food nutrients found in plants and herbs that will address most human deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and many other macro and micro minerals including vitamins such as B-12, C, D, E, U, B-17, and many other vitamins known and unknown that are required for optimum health, power, strength and endurance. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 107 Advanced Human Physiology & Its Spiritual & Physical Nature

This course examines the full human anatomical and physiological relationship to each other and how they impact a state of health or disease. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 108 How to Raise Children Naturally & Spiritually

This course will teach you how to physiologically and spiritually raise children naturally so as Christian parents you can help them to avoid defiling the flesh due to living an unnatural lifestyle, which would needlessly lead to early childhood diseases and possibly death. Parents must possess the God given knowledge and wisdom on how to raise their children naturally according to Biblical principles since the creation of man and woman. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 109 Advanced Nutritional Concepts I (Bible Diet)

This course presents the most advanced concept in correct food nutrition. It also introduces what is naturally and hygienically acceptable to eat. You will learn the functions of calories, vitamins and minerals within your body. You will also discover the close relationship between soil health, plant health, and human health and how denatured soils affect the nutrient content of the foods you eat. (9.5 credits)

MSHHN – 110 Advanced Nutritional Concepts II (Bible Diet)

This course is a continuation of Advanced Nutrition I. You will learn how to properly combine foods for optimum nutrition and health. You will also understand the mental influences of nutrition, particularly how bread is considered the "Staff of Death" and how denatured foods, pasteurized foods, and eating of flesh can be harmful to the health and strength of your mind and body. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 111 Neuro Physiological Science of Faith

This course will help you to develop your incredibly God given mind and faith to its full potential by increasing memory, creativity, as well as self control of your emotions related to harmful addictions and fleshly behaviors. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 112 Advanced Neuro Physiological Science of Faith

This course will help you to develop your incredibly God given mind and faith to its full potential by increasing memory, creativity, as well as self control of your emotions related to harmful addictions and fleshly behaviors. (4.5 credits)

MSHHN – 113 Essay: Herbology

This course exposes the most dangerous of the poisonous components of herbs in common use today and their effects once ingested by the human body. The student will select a thesis statement relative to the topic and prepare a 2,500-word, typed, double-spaced essay developing the thesis. (9.5 credits)

Non-Secular Degree Programs | Non-Secular Program Tuition

The purpose of our Christian Health and Christian Healing Degree Programs among Bible Colleges as well as a Divinity School is to teach God's Divine purpose for the various Christian Healing Ministries and also to teach about the spiritual organization Ecclesiology. Ecclesiology is Spiritual, But Not Religious and also Unchurched which may be defined as all those who do not believe in a structured, ritualistic and dogmatic pious performance at the altar. Christology is the study of the person of Christ, His life, His ministry, His sacrifice, His commandments, and His sacrifice as our savior.

In short, without an understanding of the character of Christ, our Christian Ministries are doomed to fail. The Bible Diet course is just a good example of helping one to understand the importance of one's Holistic Health and Healing Christian Ministry in relation to physically and spiritually avoid defiling the flesh with bad eating habits that make a person ill. A Christian must remember that they have a Spiritual and Moral responsibilty to keep their "Body Temple" clean before the eyes of God.