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The Vegan Diet/Vegan Nutrition

What is the Vegan Diet?

What are the Health Benefits of the Vegan Diet?

healthy vegan saladVegan diets are associated with a decreased risk of obesity and heart disease.

There are many reasons why people adopt a vegan diet. One of the most compelling reasons is the health hazards associated with meat-eating. We know that the average American diet, which is high in fat, sodium and cholesterol, contributes to disease. Consumption of meat is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

By contrast, vegan diets are associated with a decreased risk of obesity, heart disease, lung cancer, hypertension, gallstones, and alcoholism. A vegan diet also helps control diabetes, which is becoming epidemic.

Cholesterol is only found in animal foods, so vegan diets are completely cholesterol-free. The vegan diet also protects people from the bacteria, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics found in animal products.

Vegans tend to have beautiful hair, nails and skin because of the Vitamin A and E they receive from nuts and vegetables. Longevity is yet another reason to give up meat. A vegan's lifespan is typically 7-13 years longer than the average American's. As more people become conscious of obesity rates, cholesterol levels and other health effects of eating animal products, veganism is becoming a popular lifestyle choice.

The Transition to the Vegan Diet

The most successful way to become a long-term vegan is to do so gradually.

Most vegans were vegetarians first and gradually made the transition into veganism. A bit of work is involved initially, but you will soon find it is very easy and fun to shop, cook and eat vegan. If you are trying to improve your health, consider the vegan lifestyle.  By ridding your body of the chemicals and toxins associated with meat and replacing them with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, you will see incredible changes in your body, mind and spirit. In order to make a successful transition, it is best to educate yourself.

Our Vegan Nutrition School

vegan nutrition studentAt the College of Natural Health, we teach the benefits of the vegan diet.

At the College of Natural Health, we teach the benefits of the vegan diet. We offer many distance learning nutrition courses that will teach you about the vegan diet, raw food diet, vegetarian diet and acid alkaline balance diet.

Our Advanced "Applied" Natural Nutrition Course, for example, demystifies all health concerns related to eating raw fruits and vegetables. This nutrition course also examines the effects of eating raw fruit on specific health conditions such as candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer, and the healthful management of weight.

Veganism offers a new dimension in healthy living. People worldwide are taking charge of their health. If you are concerned with your family's health and the fragile state of our world's environment, and are interested in pursuing greener lifestyle choices, we invite you to learn more about holistic nutrition and holistic natural health. We will teach you how to eliminate toxic chemicals from your diet, so you can nurture your health and begin your journey toward a rewarding career.