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College of Natural Health Mission Statement

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"Educating In The Natural Zone"

We believe in the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself through natural means.

At The College of Natural Health, our mission is to provide opportunities for career-minded students interested in furthering their education in holistic natural health, healing and/or nutrition. We offer a practical alternative to a traditional, on-campus college residency.

Students at our Natural Health and Healing School have discovered the benefits of our accredited distance learning programs. They learn the skills necessary to help others analyze their current health status and find ways to improve areas of deficiency through diet and lifestyle adjustments.

We are the World's Exclusive Educators of:

  • Natural Health Doctors
  • Doctors of Natural Healing

The Science of Health Restoration

Medical insurance costs are skyrocketing, and individuals simply cannot afford to be sick. People need to be guided to a lifestyle that will enable them to attain and maintain vibrant health. Those who are not well need to learn how to recognize the true cause of their ailments. By doing so, they will automatically become less dependent on the so-called "miracles" of modern medical technology. Medical professionals have failed miserably in educating people in the natural, basic requirements of living and maintaining a healthy, natural way of life.

Isn't preventing illness a better alternative than trying to cure illness once it has developed?

We, at The College of Natural Health, will teach you the science of health restoration and its preservation through our Holistic Natural Health and Healing practices. You will learn ways to prevent or diminish illness by avoiding foods and behaviors that contribute to disease and incorporate lifestyle changes that will bring about positive outcomes. As a professional, you will be compensated in many ways by teaching everyone in your sphere of influence! Also, the financial gains from your knowledge will enable you to maintain a professional natural health counseling career.

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